Sunday, September 30, 2007

17 POUND BABY BORN in Russia???

CLICK HERE to read all about it. And NO, she didn't deliver vaginally. It was her 12th kid though, I hope they installed a zipper in her belly! Too much McDonald's during the pregnancy, don't ya think? The poor kid on the right is probably thinking, 'Geez, I hope he doesn't eat me!!'


crazylady said...

This child's life is virtually over before it has begun. The future holds:
no friends, teasing, hazing, health problems, diabetes, heart disease, no self esteem.
This leads to less likelihood of academic success, and employability and success in life. No marriage, no dating, no fun.

And it breaks my heart. A life that is going to be uphill before he can walk.

Sam said...

Yikes! Though I don't agree with Sen on somethings. Life is what you make of it! If you get pigeon-holed by it, it's your doing. And just because he's so large now, doesn't mean he is predestined to the life Sen has assumed he is. He is a baby. His life is not written in a book for all to read. Sorry, but that's just not the way life is.

Sam said...

The little one next to him seems in awe! I love the face! said...

Let's all hope the little guy lives a long happy life.

Salome's Mom said...

My father was 14 lbs and was delivered vaginally by my Grandmother who was 14 at the time. This has always shocked me since my Grandmother was always a skinny little thing.

When I heard about this, it cured me of the shock of Dad being 14 lbs. How do these women do it?

blue thistle books said...

I have one word for you. OUCH!