Friday, September 21, 2007


So... I'm in the kitchen and I hear a sound... a sound that doesn't sound good. The dogs were messing around, and bumped (pretty hard, obviously) into the side of my antique cabinet. Punched a hole the size of a softball in the glass on the side of the cabinet. The BOWED, ANTIQUE FRIGGING GLASS of the ANTIQUE FRIGGING CABINET my mother gave me.

I cried.

Oh, I know it's just 'stuff', but I love this cabinet. It displays all of my favorite things. It's really old. I found the picture above in an Ebay ad, selling for $2,500. So I'm going to spend my Saturday, emptying it out, so hubby can put it way up, out of the way (in storage) until I can figure out how much of a small fortune it is going to cost to replace that piece of glass. And then will it be a bright, clear new looking piece of glass, and will look very different from the other 2 very old pieces of glass that are left? Yeah, probably. So I'll have to break out the other two, and replace all three. And where in the world will I get this glass??? Hubby doesn't think it's worth saving, and that's not an option in my opinion. Sentimental value. I know it's not on the top priority to get fixed, but it can sit in the attic for 20 years until we do!

And do I tell my 70 something mother, who is on oxygen 100% of the time, who will be very sad about it, or do I say nothing?

Damn dogs!


Sam said...

I'm so sorry. I have a cabinet a lot like that. So far no breakage, but the kids have come very close. Your best bet for replacement is to contact a glass specialty shop. Also the Amish are really good at these things. Do you live close to an Amish community? Hugs!

Sam said...

Oh and I wouldn't say anything to your mom. What would be gained by it?

cougchick said...

Not a word to your Mom!

Love the freebird rollin in the background!

Dogs can be such pains sometimes. I have a cabinet similar to that and I would go apesh*t if my animals were to break it.

cougchick said...
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cougchick said...

woops. got a little excited on the "publish" button and posted the comment twice. My bad! said...

either google or look in your yellow pages for a glass repair or cut glass business. you may discover that you can repair it pretty inexpensively.... just a thought.

crazylady said...

I say the cabinet gets repaired no matter what. It is absolutely gorgeous. Don't tell Momma Bear. She won't need any oxygen after that admission.

As for hubby, tell him you keep him around for sentimental reasons. ;0)
nuff said.

Nancy said...

I have a cabinet like that my Great Aunt willed to me. I have it at my Dad's house to keep it safe from the boys.